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New Climbers Freak Out On Wall 2024

Four friends stand in front of an indoor rock climbing wall equipped with colorful holds and safety harnesses, smiling and gesturing playfully.

Climbing Indoors With Zion Made

It was a rainy day in Zion, not ideal for outdoor adventures, which brought us to an unexpected yet thrilling change of plans. We decided to swap the slippery canyons for the safety and excitement of a rock climbing gym, where a group of friends, both seasoned and new climbers, gathered to challenge themselves against the vertical puzzles of the gym’s walls.

The day started with the usual hustle of signing waivers and gearing up, underlined by a palpable mix of excitement and nervous anticipation. Among us were Quinn and Ethan, alongside other friends and a dedicated cameraman ready to capture every grip and slip. With the rain pouring outside, the indoor rock climbing gym offered a sanctuary where we could test our limits without the risks posed by nature’s whims.

Our climbing session began with introductions to the basics of top rope climbing, where the ropes are pre-set to ensure safety and allow climbers to focus on technique rather than equipment setup. It was clear from the get-go that while some of us had a bit of experience, others were confronting their fears head-on for the first time. Our guide, a veteran climber with over two decades of experience, was our anchor, providing tips and reassurances.

One of the highlights—or perhaps the most nerve-wracking moments—came when Quinn, a first-time climber, approached the wall. With a deep breath and shaky hands, Quinn attempted to make peace with the daunting height. As he climbed, the reality of his altitude became more apparent, and what started as a calm ascent quickly turned into a moment of freak-out. Laughter and cheers erupted from below, not in mockery but in solidarity, as almost everyone had faced (or would soon face) their moment of panic on the wall.

The gym rang with shouts of encouragement and the occasional humorous banter, especially when climbers realized just how high up they were. The fear of heights, a common theme among new climbers, was palpable. One climber remarked as he reached the top, “I didn’t think I was high up, and then I looked down, and I was freaking out.”

Despite the freak-outs and fear, the environment was incredibly supportive. More experienced climbers shared techniques, emphasizing the importance of finding good foot placements before pulling up, which helps conserve energy and maintain stability. We learned that climbing is less about brute strength and more about strategy, technique, and mental resilience.

By the end of the day, each person had their share of achievements and freak-outs. There were moments of self-doubt followed by bursts of adrenaline-fueled determination. For many, reaching the top was a mix of relief and exhilaration—a tangible accomplishment that came with a view from above and a new perspective on what they could achieve.

“Climbing with friends isn’t just about the physical challenge,” one climber said as we packed up. “It’s about pushing your limits, trusting your friends, and maybe most importantly, learning to laugh at yourself when you’re hanging by a rope, a few feet off the ground, freaking out over nothing.”

As we left the rock climbing gym, the rain outside seemed less dreary, transforming into a gentle drizzle that shimmered under the streetlights, casting glistening reflections on the wet pavement. The canyons of Zion, previously a looming challenge, now appeared as majestic silhouettes against a gray, cloud-filled sky, their grandeur subtly inviting rather than daunting.

The day had been a testament to friendship, courage, and the sheer joy of trying something new, even if it meant having a good freak-out on the wall every now and then. The laughter and supportive shouts that echoed through the gym now resonated in our ears, blending with the rhythmic patter of raindrops, leaving us with a sense of accomplishment and a renewed zest for adventure.