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RV Lifestyle with the #1 Shinpa Family: Faith, Family, and Fun

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RV Lifestyle with the Shinpa Family

Are you considering the RV lifestyle for your family? Imagine hitting the road, exploring new destinations, and making unforgettable memories—all while having the comfort of your home on wheels. Meet the Shinpa family, a remarkable family of four who have been living and thriving in their $2 million RV, traveling full-time and homeschooling their kids for the past eight years. This guide will delve into their journey, their tips for making the RV lifestyle work, and how you can adopt a similar lifestyle.

Introduction to the Shinpa Family

The Shinpa family’s journey began when they decided to leave behind the conventional American dream in search of a life filled with adventure, flexibility, and togetherness. Jason and Linda Shinpa, along with their children Bridger and Sarah, have created a life that many dream of but few dare to pursue. They traded a life of routine and stability for one of exploration and constant change.

Their custom-built 2008 model RV serves as both their home and their means of travel. Starting with a completely gutted bus, they transformed it into a luxurious mobile home, tailored to their specific needs and preferences. This transition was not just about physical changes; it was a complete lifestyle overhaul that required careful planning, a lot of courage, and a leap of faith.

Creating a Home on Wheels

One of the key aspects of making the RV lifestyle work is designing a space that meets all your needs. The Shinpas bought their bus as a shell and customized everything from the colors to the layout. Their RV features a fully equipped kitchen with a four-burner induction stove, an oven/microwave combo, and even a dishwasher. These amenities ensure that the family can prepare home-cooked meals just like they would in a traditional home.

The kitchen isn’t just functional—it’s also a centerpiece of their RV. The Shinpas installed an epoxy table made from a live edge piece of wood, giving it a unique and rustic charm. This table slides in and out for convenience and can be raised to serve as a standing desk, illustrating the importance of multi-functional furniture in a small living space.

Maximizing Space and Comfort

Living in an RV requires clever use of space. The Shinpa kids sleep in bunk beds that look small but are designed to be comfortable and functional. Each bunk has ample storage space for their belongings, ensuring that the living area remains uncluttered. The RV also features a separate shower, a washer and dryer, and innovative storage solutions like air compressor-operated cabinets.

One of the most challenging aspects of RV living is making the most of limited space. The Shinpas have mastered this by choosing furniture and fixtures that serve multiple purposes. For instance, their epoxy table isn’t just a dining surface but also converts into a workspace. Similarly, their beds and sofas have built-in storage compartments to maximize space efficiency.

Adapting to a Flexible Lifestyle

The RV lifestyle demands adaptability and flexibility. The Shinpas have learned to embrace changes in their routine and make the most of each day, whether it’s a travel day or a day spent exploring a new location. Their days are a mix of homeschooling, work, and adventure, with plans often changing based on weather or new opportunities.

Homeschooling on the road offers its own set of challenges and rewards. The Shinpa children follow a flexible curriculum that allows them to learn at their own pace and explore subjects that interest them. This education style not only keeps them engaged but also teaches them to adapt to new environments and situations.

Building Strong Family Bonds

For the Shinpa family, the decision to live in an RV was driven by the desire to spend more time together and create lasting memories. They prioritize making memories over material possessions and have found that their unique lifestyle has brought them closer together. From skiing in Breckenridge, Colorado, to exploring national parks like Zion, their journey is filled with incredible experiences.

Living in close quarters can be challenging, but it also fosters strong family bonds. The Shinpas have learned to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts quickly, and support each other through the ups and downs of their journey. This lifestyle has taught them the value of teamwork and mutual respect, lessons that will benefit them long after their travels have ended.

Exploring New Destinations

One of the highlights of the RV lifestyle is the ability to explore new places. The Shinpas have visited numerous destinations, each offering its own unique beauty and experiences. Their second visit to Zion National Park included hiking the Narrows and Angels Landing, showcasing the diverse adventures that await RV travelers.

Each destination offers new opportunities for learning and growth. The Shinpas immerse themselves in local cultures, explore natural wonders, and engage in activities that broaden their horizons. This constant change of scenery keeps life exciting and provides endless opportunities for adventure.

Practical Tips for Aspiring RV Families

If you’re considering the RV lifestyle for your family, here are some practical tips from the Shinpas’ experiences:

  1. Plan Your Layout: Design your RV interior to meet your family’s specific needs. Multi-functional furniture and smart storage solutions are essential.
  2. Embrace Flexibility: Be prepared to adapt your plans. Weather changes, unexpected events, and new opportunities are part of the adventure.
  3. Prioritize Essentials: Focus on what you truly need to be comfortable and happy. Simplifying your life can make the RV lifestyle more enjoyable.
  4. Stay Connected: Invest in good internet connectivity for remote work and homeschooling. This allows you to stay connected no matter where you are.
  5. Build a Community: Connect with other RV families and travelers. Building a network of like-minded people can provide support and friendship on the road.


The RV lifestyle offers a unique opportunity for families to live a life of adventure, flexibility, and closeness. The Shinpa family’s story is a testament to the joys and challenges of living on the road. By creating a comfortable home on wheels, embracing a flexible routine, and prioritizing family time, they have made the RV lifestyle work for them. Whether you’re considering this lifestyle or just curious about what it entails, the Shinpas’ journey provides valuable insights and inspiration for anyone looking to hit the road and make memories with their loved ones.